Legal Requirements

Your fire safety plan is a 'legal document' so care must be exercised to ensure the accuracy of the information ..that it is factual and correct...

Most importantly that all Responsibilities and Duties assigned to building Management and Staff are within their capabilities.

Preparation of a fire safety plan requires the author to have specific knowledge of the building fire and life safety systems - how they work.

Understand the various codes and documents that are referenced within the fire safety plan (National or Provincial Fire Codes, Building Codes, NFPA, UL or ULC, CSA, etc.).

Adequate Errors and Omissions Insurance is essential.


Plan Contents

A fire safety plan must include the following:

Audit of resources...includes a detailed description of the fire and life safety equipment in the building,

Emergency procedures...are procedures to be followed by the occupants in an emergency.

Control - Confinement...are methods of confining a fire with the proper use of fire separations and extinguishers.

Responsibilities - prepared in conjunction with Management.

Fire Drills...must be held at least annually and in buildings over six floors they are to be held quarterly.

Staff...are to be trained in the Fire Procedures before they can be given any responsibility for Fire Safety.

Maintenance Procedures...includes checks, test, and inspection procedures for each type of fire and life safety system

Schematic Drawings...floor plan drawings will show the location of all life safety and fire suppression equipment