It is essential that you have proper floor plan drawings of the building and the ability to identify the type and location of the fire and life safety systems on the drawings.

There may be specific symbols that the municipal fire services will require you to use.

You will need to describe the various fire and life safety systems within the plan, such as fire alarm system, sprinkler system, standpipe system, etc.

The fire safety plan must cover all of the requirements of Section 2.8.2 of the National and Provincial Fire Code.


Some fire services provide 'generic' templates that you can use. These templates are 'locked' so there are certain areas that cannot be changed such as the name of the municipal fire services.

As they are generic, the template will include sections that may not pertain to your building, and these will need to be removed by you.

The fire service assumes no responsibility for the content....therefore you are liable for any errors, etc., that could cause liability issues.

Here is an example of a GENERIC template. The requirements in this template are standard for most municipalities in Ontario.


The fire safety plan is 'not approved' and returned to you for corrections. You will be required to submit a corrected fire safety plan within 30 days. The changes required will reference the 'fire code', such as section or You will need a copy of the fire code to understand the required changes.

The fire safety plan does not address all of the occupancy classes in the building. You could have an office building with a childcare or restaurants. The plan will need to cover all of these types of occupancies.

You require an 'approved' plan for occupancy and/or a liquor license, It does not happen and you now experience costly delays.

You are expending energy and time....and taking away from your 'real job'. and getting frustrated, it's not worth it. Speak to us.....we will solve the problem quickly and at a reasonable cost to you.


Is Your Workplace SAFE?

The fire code requires the owner to be responsible for carrying our the provisions of the code, and defines 'owner' as any "person, firm or corporation controlling the property under consideration and includes the persons in the building or property. (Owners/Managers/Supervisors)

You are responsible to ensure that the workplace is safe and free of fire hazards, such as obstructed exits, corridors, stairwells, and that combustible materials are not allowed to accumulate.

These pictures were taken during our site vists....these are real...not a prop...don't let this occur in your workplace.