The Need For Fire Safety Plans

As a building owner, property manager, or person with overall control of the facility you have a legal obligation for a current fire safety program that meets the requirements of the National and Provincial Fire Codes and Work Place Health and Safety Acts.

Properly designed and implemented fire safety programs are a first line of defense in fire prevention. Lack of understanding - not leaving when you hear the alarm - is a very serious problem in many buildings.

Fire Safety Plans ensure that persons having responsibility for your safety understand what actions are required when a 'fire emergency' occurs, and that the fire and life safety systems in the facility are tested and inspected in accordance with fire code requirements.

Are You Prepared?

The Benefits Of A Fire Plan

A fire safety plan is designed to provide occupant safety in the event of a fire, and to ensure proper use of the fire safety features of the building. It answers these concerns of occupants:

- What is the alarm sound?
- What if I cannot leave because of smoke?
- How do I activate the fire alarm?
-What happens if the stairwell is blocked?
-What if I cannot walk down stairs?


Do You Require a Fire Safety Plan?


Do you have a fire alarm system in the building?.
You are an apartment, condo, hotel, motel. 
You are a place where people assemble.
You are a public school, private school, child care.
You are a retirement home.
You are a restaurant with more than 30 seats?
You are concerned about the safety of your occupants?

If you answered YES to any of the above you require a fire safety plan



Training and informing occupants of the fire emergency procedures is essential. We can conduct a high-energy, informative presentation that will hit all the key points, and do this in 30 to 40 minutes.. The presentation is specific to your facility. Some topics are

  • What is the alarm tone - most people do not know this.
  • Where are the cross-over floors - and what are they.
  • How do I activate the fire alarm?
  • What if I'm unable to walk down stairs - what do I do?.
  • Where is the outside assembly area?

You are required to conduct a full evacuation fire drill annually. We can assist you by providing guidance, instructions and monitoring of the drill. We provide:

  • Instructions on how to set-up for the drill
  • Feedback documents for on-site staff and fire wardens
  • A de-briefing session
  • Provide you with a written report.

Your fire safety plan must be reviewed at least every 12 months or more frequently. All changes must be document and submitted to the fire service for approval. You will also require confirmation that there have been no changes to the fire safety plan.

As an independent party we can provide you with a certification that we reviewed the plan and there were no changes. If changes are required we will make them and submit them to the fire service. There is no free for MINOR changes to fire safety plans that we have prepared







It is essential that you have proper floor plan drawings of the building and the ability to identify the type and location of the fire and life safety systems on the drawings.

There may be specific symbols that the municipal fire services will require you to use.

You will need to describe the various fire and life safety systems within the plan, such as fire alarm system, sprinkler system, standpipe system, etc.

Some fire services provide 'generic' templates that you can use. These templates are 'locked' so there are certain areas that cannot be changed such as the name of the municipal fire services.

As they are generic, the template will include sections that may not pertain to your building, and these will need to be removed by you.

The fire service assumes no responsibility for the content....therefore you are liable for any errors, etc., that could cause liability issues.

The fire safety plan can be submitted in hard copy or in some instances in PDF format.

Certain fire services will charge you a 'review fee' and the cost can be from $125 to $400. This is submitted with the plan.

The fire safety plan will be reviewed by the 'fire inspector' for accuracy and compliance with the 'fire code'. A checklist will be utilized to ensure all aspects are included in the fire safety plan.

The fire safety plan is 'not approved' and returned to you for corrections. You will be required to submit a corrected fire safety plan within 30 days. The changes required will reference the 'fire code', such as section or You will need a copy of the fire code to understand the required changes.

The fire safety plan does not address all of the occupancy classes in the building. You could have an office building with a childcare or restaurants. The plan will need to cover all of these types of occupancies.

You require an 'approved' plan for occupancy and/or a liquor license, It does not happen and you now experience costly delays.

You are expending energy and time....and taking away from your 'real job'. and getting frustrated, it's not worth it. Speak to us.....we will solve the problem quickly and at a reasonable cost to you.


Basic Requirements ....

All fire safety plans must comply with Section 2.8 - Emergency Planning - of the National and Provincial Fire Code.

These emergency procedures or similar are to be posted on each floor of the facility or at each fire alarm pull station.

pull station sign


Specific Requirements...

These requirements are specific to the facility.

  1. Control of fire hazards.
  2. Confining, controlling and extinguishing the fire.
  3. Evacuation of occupants and those with special needs.
  4. Procedures for the use of elevators.
  5. The holding of fire drills - these are to be specific - monthly, quarterly, annually.
  6. The maintenance of the fire and life safety systems. These must be specific to the building and comply with the fire code and NFPA.
  7. Alternative measures during the shut-down of fire and life safety systems.


Critical Requirements...

The building owner, or person that has control of the property is responsible for the fire safety plan and must comply with the following:

  1. The appointment and organization of designated supervisory staff to carry out fire safety duties.
  2. The training of supervisor staff and occupants in their responsibilities for fire safety.
  3. The fire safety plan must included detailed floor plan drawings showing the type, location and operation of the building fire emergency systems.
  4. The fire safety plan must be approved and implemented.
  5. The fire safety plan must be reviewed as often as necessary but at intervals not greater than 12 months to ensure it takes into consideration changes in the use or other characteristics of the building.

How we create a fire safety plan


Plan Contents

A fire safety plan must include the following:

Audit of resources...includes a detailed description of the fire and life safety equipment in the building,
Emergency procedures...are procedures to be followed by the occupants in an emergency.
Control - Confinement...are methods of confining a fire with the proper use of fire separations and extinguishers.
Responsibilities - prepared in conjunction with Management.
Fire Drills...must be held at least annually and in buildings over six floors they are to be held quarterly.
Staff...are to be trained in the Fire Procedures before they can be given any responsibility for Fire Safety.
Maintenance Procedures...includes checks, test, and inspection procedures for each type of fire and life safety equipment
Schematic Drawings...floor plan drawings will show the location of all life safety and fire suppression equipment

Legal Requirements

Your fire safety plan is a 'legal document' so care must be exercised to ensure the accuracy of the information ..that it is factual and correct...

Most importantly that all Responsibilities and Duties assigned to building Management and Staff are within their capabilities.

Preparation of a fire safety plan requires the author to have specific knowledge of the building fire and life safety systems - how they work.

Understand the various codes and documents that are referenced within the fire safety plan (National or Provincial Fire Codes, Building Codes, NFPA, UL or ULC, CSA, etc.).

Adequate Errors and Omissions Insurance is essential. Our coverage is provided by Lloyds of London.

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